Aperture by Lexica

The website at https://lexica.art/aperture is dedicated to showcasing and exploring the possibilities of digital art through an innovative platform called “Aperture.” Aperture provides a unique space for artists and art enthusiasts to engage with digital art, offering a range of use cases, user benefits, and key features. The website also includes an FAQ section to address common queries.

Use Cases:
1. Art Exhibition: Aperture allows artists to exhibit their digital artwork in a visually stunning and interactive environment, reaching a global audience.
2. Art Collecting: Users can discover and collect digital art pieces from various artists, building their personal collections.
3. Art Education: Aperture provides educational resources and tutorials for artists and enthusiasts interested in exploring digital art techniques and concepts.

User Benefits:
1. Access to Cutting-Edge Art: Users can experience and engage with the latest trends and innovations in digital art, expanding their artistic horizons.
2. Global Art Community: Aperture fosters a vibrant community of artists and art enthusiasts, facilitating connections, collaborations, and discussions.
3. Immersive Art Experience: The platform offers an immersive and interactive environment, enhancing the viewer’s engagement with digital artworks.

Key Features:
1. Virtual Exhibitions: Aperture provides virtual gallery spaces where artists can curate and showcase their digital artworks with customizable layouts.
2. Collectible Art NFTs: Users can purchase unique digital art pieces as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), providing ownership and provenance of the artwork.
3. Social Features: Aperture includes social features like comments, likes, and sharing, enabling users to interact with artists and artworks.

Q: How can I participate as an artist on Aperture?
A: Artists can apply to showcase their artwork on Aperture by submitting their portfolio through the website’s submission form. The selection process is curated by the Aperture team.

Q: Can I sell my digital art on Aperture?
A: Yes, artists have the option to sell their digital artwork as NFTs on the platform. Aperture provides a marketplace for artists to list their creations for sale.

Q: Are there any fees associated with using Aperture?
A: Aperture charges a transaction fee for each artwork sold on the platform. The fee structure and details can be found in the terms and conditions section of the website.


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